Iconic Wedding Dresses - Bouquets by eco|stems

We created a couple of gorgeous bridal bouquets for WeddingBells Magazine. Check out this clip from Global's The Morning Show. See our work at the 1:50 and the 3:20 mark. Book a consultation to chat about your wedding flowers here.


Here's a clip from August 2013. The Morning Show was talking about natural wedding ideas. Flowers by, you guessed it it, eco|stems! 

We're in Weddingbells Magazine!

Had the opportunity to create a couple of bouquets for Wedding Bells Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 Issue! We had so much fun creating these bouquets! Take a look! 

What's in Store: Flowering House Plants

Flowering house plants are tropical plants grown for their flower. Typically, these are bromeliads and orchids of which we have many varieties in stock and available to us for order. Flowering house plants require a little more care than house plants grown for their foliage, usually requiring a daily misting to provide a humid enough environment and bright to medium light but no direct sunlight. 

Bromeliad blooms are long-lasting and good for a low to medium level of light. The central leaf 'vase' must be refilled every couple of weeks or when dry. Orchids require misting on their leaves daily and have the potential to retain their blooms for several months if in good health. They prefer cooler overnight temperatures. 

Find out more on our flowering house plants page. Come in to take a look at our selection. If there is a variety we do not have in stock, let us know and we can bring one in for you.