Locally Grown Orchids

There is an abundance of Ontario grown Orchids available here at eco|stems.  Take one home or have them delivered to that special someone!  

They are available as potted flowering plants or as cut flowers.  Below is just a sampling of what's available.  There are many more locally grown varieties we wish we had room for but our store just isn't big enough.  If it's not instock we can usually have it here in a day or two!

Have an office or space that's a bit sparce when it comes to flowers or plants?   What better way to bring some life indoors then with an Orchid.  eco|stems offers a service where we can supply a potted Orchid on a regular basis and replace it each month to ensure you always have beautiful Orchid blooms on display!

Having trouble caring for your Orchid?  Call today for some helpful advice on Orchid care.

Call eco|stems at 416-214-6479
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 Potted Oncidium Orchids
Potted Cymbidium Orchids
Potted Phalaenopsis Orchids
Cut Cymbidium Orchids
 Submerged Cymbidium Orchids